Peloton Confirmed Selling on Amazon

This morning, Peloton confirmed it is now selling select equipment and apparel through Amazon. 

Peloton's official store is now selling select products, 

such as the Peloton bike, set-top Peloton Guide, clothing, and branded accessories such as shoes and weights.

For the beleaguered home fitness firm, this is a significant strategy shift - and possibly a concession. 

This is Peloton's first time selling products outside its own website, stores, or sales channels, according to a press release. 

The company's recent struggles have demonstrated that its cult-like devotion has a limit.

Peloton Corporate Communications Officer Kevin Cornils says adding Amazon as a distribution channel is an organic way to expand our brand. 

Consumers shop on Amazon, so we want to meet them there. 

As we continue to generate excitement for our unparalleled connected fitness experience, 

we are focusing on providing additional opportunities to expose people to Peloton...

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