iPhone 12 vs 12 pro Which Is Better in 2021? iPhone 12 vs 12 pro

iPhone 12 vs 12 pro: So what are the guys nick here helping you to master your technology? iPhone 12 versus iPhone 12 pro max which is the better choice. Now I’ve been using these phones off and on for the past several months since Their launch dates.

And you know sometimes people are just like you know, I either want 12 or even when I want the max version, some people want to go all out or maybe they just want to save the money.

The price difference is pretty substantial here with the iPhone 12 slotting in right around that 799 price prints. Sometimes you can find it cheaper and then the 12 pro max coming in around that 1099 not everybody is paying that outright.

They are going to be using subsidies as well as agreements and you can just pay on it monthly But at the same time you’re gonna be paying more on the 12 pro max no matter which way you do a team this device, it is the more premium price device.

Now we’ll begin by talking about why I think the iPhone 12 is a better design for most people and we’re going to start with the aluminum side.

So over the past couple of months or a few months, I’ve learned that the sides of the iPhone 12, they’re all square even under the iPhone 12 pro max, they just have this tendency to stay cleaner than the stainless steel over here. So it’s just a clean look and this is where your hands touch more often.

iPhone 12 vs 12 pro

black iphone 7 plus on brown wooden table

So yes D 12 pro max series and the 12 Pro series have a cleaner back material on the glass with this frosted texture, but the sides are where your fingers touch the most is where your hands are resting the most. And I find that the iPhone 12 stays a lot cleaner in this area. Also around the camera, this part picks up quite a bit of smudge action here inside the camera of the 12 Pro max.

But other than that, the design just kind of looks cleaner to me on the iPhone 12 mostly because even the camera is just a too simple lens, just a very clean 12 pro max, definitely the more high-end looking device not going to deny that whatsoever. But is it the practical choice for everyone?

I probably would lean more towards recommending the 12 in that area when it comes to building quality The 12 pro max is definitely the better choice for a substantial feel. This definitely has more weight to it.

The stainless steel while it does pick up more smudge action, a little bit more scratch action, especially if you get the iPhone Topamax in silver as I did right here won’t get this color again, this phone right here definitely has this durability factor about it with the stainless steel just feels like a brick in your hand, definitely not everybody wanted to break in their hand, but it’s got weight, it’s got the substantial feel and it’s the one I feel like it might be a little bit more durable in the long haul.

Both of them have I. P 68 ratings. So they’re both very good and water resistance and this phone right here while it does have more, you know, it kind of feels like the glass in the back might crack a little easier. I don’t think that’s the case. The phone itself just feels nice and solid as well. Doesn’t have any flex, nothing like that. Very strong overall body. So both of these are very good.

But I would say that the 12 Pro max gets the edge and feeling more durable and one area where the iPhone 12 is a better upgrade from previous generations is the display, the display on this phone does come to an old LED display and it’s kind of like the iPhone tends to display the 10 S display as well. In terms of brightness, it gets 625 minutes bright.

silver iphone 6 on black ipad

It’s also over 450 PP. I thinner bezels here than what we’ve seen on the 11 and 10 are the substantial upgrades to the display are definitely found more on the iPhone 12 but the 12 Pro max is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro max.

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It’s still a better display than the iPhone 12 and the reason why is it gets way brighter and sunlight and usable brightness of 800 it’s definitely noticeable especially if you had experience with the 11 Pro series and then you go to the 12, you’re going to notice that the brightness got a little bit less on that phone In addition, you do have the bigger display here. Yes the P. P. I. Is slightly lowered by like two PP high less but it’s not going to be anything that makes or breaks the experience.

The iPhone 12 Pro max is the notch. Also because it’s such a big display, it just, it’s not really a big deal. You don’t even see it much. Your eye doesn’t really go to it as much as on the smaller phones. So great overall display on both. But I do have to say the 12 Pro max has the better display here for sure.

So one area whether or not really better than one another is the software the software is essentially the same thing and you’re going to get the same software support over the years. They’re both running the A 14 CPU So essentially if you can use this phone you can use this phone in terms of knowing how to work it. It’s the same experience. IOS is very polished. It’s an iPhone, it just works the same way and that’s a really strong selling point.

So yeah, software, not a major difference. However, if you do go to the cameras on both phones, you’ll notice that there is extra lens support right here. 2.5 X. You won’t find that on the iPhone 12. Also, the 120.5 X is shown immediately on the iPhone 12 pro max and the 12 Pro. But over here you have to click that one to get to that 10.5 X.

So I think it’d be nice if Apple just put the 0.5 X, some people might not even know they can go and click that. You know most people do but some you still don’t know what to do there I’ve seen somebody with iPhone 10 who doesn’t know that they can go like a little bit further on that zoom right there. So if we go over here for the portrait you can see definitely have very similar portrait mode.

silver ipad beside silver iphone 6 on black table

If we go to panoramic, it’s got similar modes here and in the video. They can both do HDR video. However, the 12 Pro max can do HDR video on every single video mode. This one can do it in the four K 30 mode So a couple of differences in the camera setting. The iPhone 12 pro max is apart here in software.

In addition, there are some modes within the iPhone 12 pro max where when you turn it sideways it doesn’t do it on the home screen but in like messaging and stuff it will go ahead and split the screen and show you half view over here Whereas the iPhone 12 won’t do that because it’s just a smaller display now discussing which is better than the performance.

This is going to be the 12 pro max again because of the six gigs of RAM. However, that’s only from a technical standpoint because I kid you not, I’ve been using both of these and it’s indistinguishable the performance difference on the day today.

I’ve seen it in my speed test where the 12 promise could hold more applications. But how many apps are you really using at once is the question because I feel like you’ll probably be focusing on one app at a time and because the 12 does load those apps up so fast when you do have a slight reload, We need to go back to the application on the iPhone 12, it pops it back open very quickly so you won’t have any major issues reloading the application However, it’s not really going to be very distinguishable for the majority of the buyers of these phones. It’s pretty much the same CPU performance here.

Same daily performance for most users and I was debating getting some camera samples between these two but I said, you know what, what’s the point? These cameras are the same.

silver iphone 6 and red iphone case

Look at, look to see it through the lens. Same results on both. The only difference is like we say, look at this Lambo right here, if we hold it there and then we hold it there. It’s the same result on both phones. Let me go ahead and show you the same image on the either phone right here. Yeah, maybe the iPhone 12 Pro max, looking a little bit yellow I probably got true tone on.

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Yes, I do. Let me take that off right quick. Then you can see very similarities right there. Now you’ll notice that you do have that raw feature up there, that’s a Pro series feature right there, just included right there on the camera. You can do raw on the iPhone 12 as well, you can use applications to do it as well. The video also basically has the same performance on the video.

What I love about these iPhone 12 is that no matter if you get the 12 to 12 mini, the 12 Pro, the 12 Pro max you’re getting boss cameras on any of them. In addition, you have that same from facing camera on these as well So you will match up with the 12 megapixels on both You know, they call this the iPhone 12, but essentially you do get Pro like cameras on here as well, you just got to know you know what the parameters you’re working within if you need that zoom from the iPhone 12.

If you’re gonna be doing zoom video and photography, you’re not going to really want to 12 but I don’t think the zoom is the best on the 12 Pro max versus some other phones. So, you know, most of the time the Pro stuff you’re going to be doing is going to be coming from the main sensor anyway.

black and silver portable speaker

So the iPhone 12 is very strong here in the camera. You know the Topamax is technically better but it’s not really going to change your life using this phone unless you really rely on the zoom But I will say though, is editing photos and videos for the 12 pro max is a better experience because you have more screen to go ahead And do that.

Especially within video editing. Like if you’re gonna be doing video uploading YouTube from your iPhone, you’ll probably want the bigger phone to get that job done a little bit more efficiently. Okay, now let’s see how the iPhone 12 does sound.

Yeah, So what are up guys? Nick You’re helping you to mess with your technology? iPhone 12. Very impressive loud stereo speakers on here. What about the iPhone 12 point max? Let’s crank the volume on here, wow. Immediately when I hit play, I noticed it’s just a fuller louder sound.

Yes, the iPhone 12 pro max. It’s immediately noticeable The better stereo sound between both of these. So if you want better audio, go with the iPhone 12 pro max It’s just not better on the iPhone 12. Now the battery life has been an area where I haven’t been too disappointed with either phone during the pandemic. We’re on our laptops a lot. So both of these phones are getting through the day.

The iPhone 12 though is the one that you’re going to notice falling off much quicker. This falls off faster than the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 10 are in my experience, especially with the five G tick down. If you have that offer in low power mode the iPhone was pretty similar, but what’s really impressive is how these phones can get this kind of battery life with their smaller batteries.

person holding white and black iphone case

Like phones of this size, the range has much larger batteries that compete with this. This is like 3600 over here and it’s like 2800. So I don’t know how they’re getting this battery life, probably because of the efficiency but the 12 pro max is a far superior performer here in the battery life. It’s just common sense. You have the bigger phone of course you have the bigger battery the longer life.

So a lot of people would just choose for the battery life and you wouldn’t be making a mistake This one easily gets through the day. This one you gotta monitor uses a little bit if you’re going heavy on it, but still, you know, charges pretty quick if you got a fast charger, the iPhone 12, definitely not better here in the battery life and mobile performance This has been one of my favorite areas of all of the iPhone 12 series.

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Just having call coming here again you know, great reception, Great Performance, five G is good and strong. Love it here on both phones haven’t noticed a major difference between either here. Phone calls have sounded great, especially if you’re using the phone to your ear. Like sometimes if you have those cheap headphones you might go ahead and have people say I can’t hear you but that’s not related to the phone, just put it back on the iPhone model and you’re good to go.

So strong mobile connectivity on both. And the last thing I want to talk about before we had in this video is if you buy one of these, one of them is going to let you more money on the resale. And of course, that’s the 12 pro max. The max series phones seem to hold their value longer In terms of how much money you can get back.

And that’s just because they’re just the more sought-after phone in terms of you know, the premium tier, this phone is definitely the more purchased phone. But this is the phone that when you go to sell it, it’s just going to let you a lot more money back. Like I’m talking like $200 back Go on eBay right now and look for an iPhone tennis and look at the tennis max that max is almost nine times out of 10 going to be 100 and 50 more or 200 more. So definitely this one will get you more money back if you decide to buy it and sell it later on. So in conclusion it’s really hard to pick a clear winner between the iPhone 12 and the 12 pro max.

But I would say that this one kind of varies, it just depends on the user you are, if you’re a person who mostly is going to be doing camera stuff like really serious camera stuff, you’re gonna be doing raw photos, you’re going to be video Eddie on your phone.

Maybe if it’s your backup camera, you need every lens possible. You don’t want to take your camera bag, stuff like that This phone is for you most definitely. And if you just need the bigger size of the iPhone 12 pro max, you don’t like smaller phones, you like the large phones you’re just going to get the added benefits of having the Pro camera with the better battery life here.

I’ve also noticed that the iPhone 12 has been more than adequate for me. Even as somebody who uses the iPhone 12 pro max when I’m using the 12, I don’t really miss the 12 pro max. And that’s mostly because I think the main camera on the 12 is so good and that’s the one you really want to use when you want the best quality the best result.

The main camera is always the best. But right now during the pandemic, you have gotta ask yourself do I really need the extra battery life Do I want to pay that 3 50 more over the 12 Or are you okay with the 12 being like 90% of what this phone is and going with a slightly smaller size over the 12 pro max. That’s the real question.

I think the iPhone 12 pro max is better for people again who want the battery life. They want the better camera But I think the majority of users will be better suited just saving themself the money and getting the 5G iPhone 12 And whatever the multiple colors you like this comes in because this one is really, it’s not adding so much more over the 12 is what I’ve noticed over the past few months. Let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section of this article.

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