5 Hacks To Make Your iPhone 5s Faster | How Can I Make My iPhone 5s Faster

How can I make my iPhone 5s faster? Tired of your iPhone 5s taking forever to load? You’re not alone. There are many things you can do to make your device run faster and more efficiently, and we’ll explore 5 different ways in this blog post.

Learn how to combat the ever-decreasing speed of your older iPhones and get back that new phone feeling!

How Can I Make My iPhone 5s Faster

Delete any apps you don’t use:

If you want to know how to make your iPhone faster, this might be the first thing you should do. When there are too many apps on your device, it will take time for your processor to load these apps when you open them.

Deleting some of these unused or old apps can speed up your iPhone 5s, and also keep its performance stable! On the other hand, doing this is easier said than done. How can we determine which app can be deleted?

There are several ways. One of which is by setting up an automatic deletion rule using iTunes’ sync manager! This way is not relevant with iOS 6 though, since iTunes has been removed in iOS 6 after iPad 3 came out. But I think if you upgrade to iOS 7, you can still do this.

Delete useless messages:

This is another tip for how to increase iPhone 5s performance , and it is not that difficult either. You might be surprised that your Messages app eats up a lot of space on your device, and some of its contents are unnecessary or even junk!

If you delete these messages, lots of space will be saved. This makes the load speed much faster when you open the Messages app! How can I get rid of these messages? The easiest way is by using iTunes’ sync manager again! Choose to scan for duplicated data in iTunes when syncing your iOS devices with computer.

Apps like these can help you find out how many duplicate files there are on your iPhone. After that, you can delete all of the duplicated data at once using iTunes’ sync manager!

You can also download Apps like iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser to help you do this job; because it is easy to use and provides three different deletion modes (delete by name, by size and remove recently deleted items) which make it easy for users to decide what they want to delete.

Make Siri faster:

If you would like to know how to speed up Siri on an iPhone 5s, you should read this article. I think everyone knows that Siri takes time before responding questions when we first activate it on our iPhones, which bothers users a lot during using!

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Actually there are two methods to make Siri faster. One is to turn Siri off and on, which can help you do quick or specific searches. The other one is to delete the voice data on your iPhone 5s, because some people believe that this will make Siri more responsive!

But I doubt that it can increase speed of using Siri unless you have too much data of using it before. Because deleting the voice data will remove all information about your previous use of Siri from your device, which may cause problems for users who want to use it again.

Clear Caches:

Clearing caches is a common method for speeding up a slow iPhone , but most people don’t know how to clear caches! This method needs a lot times until they understand how to clear caches, so it is better for them to choose other methods!

If you are using iOS 7 now, then this method will be more suitable for you. Because the new operation system has added a feature which can help users remove caches easily by simply opening The Settings app > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

Click on Manage Storage to go further and view both iPhone 5s internal storage or available space on iCloud . Click on any one of these items to go further and delete all cached data in “Documents”. This is how to make your iPhone faster with iOS 8.

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Reduce Animations:

This article introduces 5 ways to make your iPhone 5s run faster , but there are also some tips that only work if installed with iOS 8. The last method that I am going to introduce here is reducing the animations.

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At first, this may sound like a bad idea, but it can actually speed up your iPhone 5s and make it smoother! How does this work? If you follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings > General > Accessibility and turn Reduce Motion on;
  2. Go back to Home Screen and open up Control Center; tap on Animation Option;
  3. By turning all of the animations Off, your device will be faster than ever! You don’t need to worry about losing any functions because you can restore them by choosing “Reduce Motion” button again.

You must remember that this works better with iOS 7 or iOS 8 because there are too much animations in iOS 6 or older versions. Also you can’t use “Reduce Motion” if you would like to restore all of the original functions related to your device!

This is how I make my iPhone 5s run faster, and these methods also work for other devices with iOS 8 installed. If you have any other ways on making an iPhone 5s faster, please let me know by leaving a message below because I am interested in this problem! Thank you very much for reading this post!

This is how I render my iPhone 5s run faster, and these methods also work for other devices with iOS 8 installed. If you have any other ways on making an iPhone 5s faster, please let me know by leaving a message below because I am interested in this problem! Thank you very much for reading this post!

FAQ about iPhone 5s

Is the iPhone 5s unlocked?

Are you looking to unlock your iPhone 5s? If so, make sure that the phone is not blacklisted or stolen. You can find out if a phone has been reported lost or stolen by contacting the carrier it was originally purchased from. The person who owns the account should be able to tell you if their phone has been reported as lost or stolen before they sell it on craigslist. Be careful when purchasing an unlocked iPhone 5s internationally because some countries have different cellular networks for which phones are compatible with their service providers.

Is the iPhone 5s 4g?

The iPhone 5S is an awesome phone with many features. One question that comes up for most people is whether the iPhone 5s 4G? The answer to this question is yes, it does have a 4G LTE chip in it and will work on any 4G network. However if you live in a rural area or somewhere where there isn’t coverage it won’t work because the US has not built out their networks fully so they don’t reach all areas yet. But for someone who lives in a city or larger town then your good to go!

Where is iPhone 5s sim card?

Where is iPhone 5s sim card? iPhone 5s sim card location not exposed by the user. And it can’t be accessed easily. You have to open up your phone and then find out the location of the SIM Card on iPhone 5s. The SIM card on iPhone 5S is located behind a small panel at the top of your phone, but you cannot remove this panel yourself as it’s glued in place. So, if you want to change or replace a damaged SIM card on an Apple iPhone 5S, contact Apple for support service.

Is iPhone 5s waterproof?

This is a question that many people want to know the answer for. The short answer is no, the iPhone 5s isn’t waterproof. Actually the iPhone 5s is actually considered “water resistant” which means that splashes of water should be okay on it, but don’t go dunking your phone into any bodies of water!

How can I make my iPhone 5s faster?

If you have an iPhone 5s, but it is slowing down and not running as fast as it used to, don’t worry. There are many things that can be done to improve the speed of your phone and make it run like new again. Read on for some helpful tips!

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